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Energy Chews vs. Energy Gels: Which Is Better?

We know we need to “eat” on the run. While some endurance athletes do choose real food, most are fans of the various sports nutrition products on the market to help fuel us during exercise.  This includes energy chews and energy gels. But which one is really better?  We are putting the two against each other to weigh the pros and cons. While the choice is ultimately up to the athlete, it is recommended to try sports nutrition products out before the fay of their big events like an ultra run or triathlon.  Energy Chews vs. Energy Gels: The Real Difference  The real difference between these two comes down to consistency and texture. Think of energy chews as gummies that...

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Is Caffeine Bad For Hydration In Endurance Athletes?

By: Lauren Keating There is nothing better than a freshly brewed hot cup of coffee in the morning. Especially when we know we have that long run or intense workout after breakfast. Some athletes prefer not to drink java before their workout to avoid stomach issues. But they do reach for their sports nutrition products like energy chews or gels that contain caffeine. While many think that caffeine is good for that boost of performance, it might not be the best idea for some endurance athletes. Is Caffeine Bad During An Intense Workout? There are lots of sports scientists who believe that drinking coffee is beneficial for performance, best for endurance sports. So much so that many sports nutrition products...

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